A wise saint once said, “Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you”. These words not only signify the beauty of flowers but also talks about the ability to attract all good things towards it. How would be an office be, when it is welcoming those who walk in with a bunch of flowers or at least a few on a vase. Nothing is more pleasing than a smile which a flower brings to a person. Make your office space a little brighter and happier with more smiles by having a flower arrangement on the front desk.

Be it roses, daisies, lilies or even orchids. Whatever be the flower, the smiles come naturally to those who perceive it. The human mind has an attraction towards nature and a few flowers remind him of the greenery life has in store for him. Flowers add its fragrance to the environment and increases creativity and productivity in an office environment. There are many schools of thought for the color of the flowers and its significance. But there is no doubt about the fact that there is something special about fresh flowers.

The ancient Chinese system of Feng Shui energy management specifies the kind of flowers for better results. The use of lavender to boost peace and relaxation or money plant for wealth are just a few of the hundreds of flowers and plants they specify for a purpose.

Flowers indicate productivity, fertility, and hope. They add more moments of hope and happiness. If not live plants, at least a few flowers will do the magic for all. Every special occasion calls for a bunch of flowers in all cultures. Why not treat each day as a divine gift, as the “present” and greet the day with flowers when you are at work.