BTG built its BRAND around profound knowledge of the Flower business, commitment towards consistent quality, customer-oriented services & Ethical Business practice. After THREE decades it continues offering quality flowers & service par excellence to its client base across the globe.

BTG while retaining its vastly renowned reputation as a traditional distributor and retailer in the Middle East appropriately adapted advanced technologies to become a one-stop-shop bringing floral experiences to the fingertips of everyone.

With a growing workforce of 6000 enthusiastic people, in 8 Countries namely UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Malaysia, India & Ethiopia, the BTG’s success is attributed to unparalleled VISION of its Management and its valued asset: highly skilled and dedicated teams. Proficiency and passion are what fuel the Group’s competitive edge in today’s market.

Wholesale Operations of BTG in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and India are predominantly import Fresh Cut Flowers from Group’s self-owned Farms but not limited to it. To offer a vast range of fresh-cut flowers and to ensure a consistent supply of popular flowers amidst its customer base, BTG has time-honored (Long Standing) partnership with quality-conscious reputed Farms across the Globe but mostly from The Netherlands, Kenya, South Africa, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Thailand and Mauritius.

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