Kenya is the home of best flower growers in the world with its floriculture industry contributing 1.4% to the country’s GDP. The value of the Kenyan floriculture market is projected to reach US$ 70.85 billion during the period 2019-2027. Kenya contributes 40% of floriculture, especially fresh cut flower imports to European Union. Kenya’s diversity of landscapes and plant life makes it a perfect place for floriculture. Kenya is famous for its long lasting Roses and Carnations and this makes Kenya as the third largest exporter of fresh cut flowers in the international market.

The best infrastructure, favorable climate, productive workforce, advanced technology for the floriculture industry like greenhouse cultivation, net shading, artificial lighting etc. and global positioning of Kenya booms its floricultural industry and invites foreign investments. All these added advantages of floriculture industry attracts the world towards Kenya and Black Tulip Group is proud to be in association with Kenyan floriculture market with its own farms for fresh cut flowers. Along with Europe, United Arab Emirates is one of the main export market for flowers for Kenya

The floriculture industries’ advantages in Kenya made Black Tulip Group acquire  seven farms there namely, Laurel Investments, Black Petal Farms, Golden Tulip Farms, Sunfloritech Ltd, Hansa Horticulture, Eco Roses and Batian Farms. The import of flowers as fresh from the farms in Kenya are made simple with service of Garden Freight, which is a part of Black Tulip Group, which offers complete logistics solutions. Garden freight, with its state of art technology handles over 350 tons of monthly air cargo with all the leading airlines, with 320 sq. ft. cold storage that can hold almost 2000 boxes.

Apart from our own farms in Kenya, Black Tulip group has a Business Support (BTBS), the marketing & strategic sourcing arm which has a partnership with more than 25 farms in Kenya, and acquires wide assorted range.

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