The floral industry is one among the industries with higher growth rate in many developing and underdeveloped countries. The cut flower industry in Malaysia is a relatively recent development compared to other agricultural enterprises. From its rather humble origins as a hobby industry, the cut flower industry in Malaysia has developed into a very viable commercial enterprise with the most marked growth in the mid-Eighties.

Malaysia is one of the major exporters of cut flowers worldwide. The two main groups of floral products are focused mainly in the market. Temperate flowers mainly roses, chrysanthemums and carnations are grown in the highlands of the county and exotic flowers such as orchids thrive in hot humid low lands. The temperate cut flowers are primarily produced in the Cameron Highlands, Gua Musang and Ranau regions. Most floriculture products in Malaysia are produced to meet export market needs and the primary export markets are Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and the United Arab Emirates

Floral exports, even though are not a major contributor to the Malaysian economy, but their rapid growth rate exceeds that seen for most other major commodities in recent years. This has caught the eye of policy makers who identified cut flowers as a priority crop group for the country  according to an FAO (Food & Agriculture Organisation) report. Floriculture has become an important remunerative industry in Malaysia and is one of the new sources of wealth for Malaysia’s economy and the biodiversity and climate adaptability is capable of generating and increasing the contribution of the floriculture industry to national income. The export value of floriculture market is project to be US$204.05 million in 2020. The government has recognized the importance of this industry and developed many strategies that could enhance the floriculture industry.

With this growing market for floriculture industry in Malaysia, Black Tulip Group has acquired its Malaysia arms for the floral industry namely Garden Flora Exports SDN BHD, KualaLumpur(KL), established in 2001  and WengHoa Flower Boutique Sdn Bhd, established in 1983. Both these have the state of the art cold rooms and facilities caters to the flower requirement in the local market as well as to the export markets like Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

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