Black Petals Ltd., located in the village of Kiambu, close to the Limuru town of Kenya. The farm is situated in Karuri, at an altitude of 1950 m above sea level. Plants growing at high elevations have a relative advantage as sunlight increases with altitude and helps the fast growing. This is one of the many farms fully owned by Black Tulip. With a staff strength of more than 320 employees, the farm occupies 18.5 hectares of land committed to the cultivation of Roses and Gypsophila. Our farm is one among the largest Gypsophila Producers of Kenya.

Black Petals farm has been practicing healthy agricultural activities and are dedicated to protecting the surroundings and environment. We apply the IPM approach, other organic methods to ensure the quality and health of the soil by using only Organic & Biological compounds which makes us one among the Kenya’s leading flower growers and exporters.  Fertile and good soil means the best flowers and we ensure that the world does not run out of beautiful roses.

At Black Petals, we are assessing 15 varieties of Hydrangea and some will be commercial soon in the market. Our flowers are exported across the globe and the major share goes to Australia, Netherlands, Great Britain and Middle East. We have a passionate team of highly motivated individuals who strive to excel in work and achieve high-quality products and services. We work towards the upliftment of our people and people in surrounding communities to promote the sustainable development of society.

A brief on the flowers that are the major produce of our farms:


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