A flower is distinct with its size, fullness, and the fragrance that it spreads. When it comes to Roses for all occasions from Christmas to Valentine’s day … from birthdays to expressing love, anyone would prefer a larger rose and with all its fullness. Kenyan Roses among all the African flower growers is grown in much higher altitudes and cared well to bloom in the best of its size and fragrance.

Kenya, being an equatorial country, with no winter, produces roses 365 days a year catering to the demand of the world for roses. Perched at above 2400 meters above mean sea level, Kenyan farms have better quality roses than many nations. Over the last fifteen years, more than a hundred varieties of roses are grown in Kenya brought from different parts of the world and being exported all over the world.

Varieties like Freedom, Red Torch, El Toro, Madam Red, Red Ribbon and Furiosa have their own specialties. If one has a longer stem length ideal for tall vases and bouquets, then the other will have a longer vase life, if one has larger head size, then the other looks beautiful as a bud. In many ways these Kenyan roses are unique. Some of these roses are grown just for its uniqueness that they don’t go black under plastic that easy. So they are preferred for hand-held bouquets. Some are known for its texture, some for their length and some for the brightness in color. Whatever be the reason, Kenyan farms have attracted flowers lovers and sellers alike for many years now. They remain the ultimate expression of love today.

These roses find their home all around the world as they are in much demand from the florist and floral designers around the world. So the next time you look at a beautiful red rose that steals your heart, maybe you are looking at one from the Kenyan farms.