A breath of fresh air inside closed rooms, a thing of beauty that adds a smile, a piece of nature just next to your seat in a closed office space. That is what an indoor plant in the workplace does to you. From African Violets to Peace Lilies, From Daisies to Ivy, cacti to rubber plants, the choice you have to add a piece of happiness next to you is unlimited today.
The work environment has a better feel with these potted plants in the workplace. We all have an inborn attachment to nature and a potted plant can bring smiles when you are feeling low. In this day an age, every workplace has its own problems and stressors.

Studies have revealed the fact that an indoor plant can do in elevating the mood and eliciting happiness among the staff. Not only does it reduce stress and improves productivity, but it has been noted that they help in reducing sickness and thereby saving precious man-hours for the organizations.

Instead of air purifiers, plants do the same nature and at no extra cost. The plants, as we have learned in school take in carbon dioxide and leave oxygen, as a part of photosynthesis. So why not have a cleaner work environment and make it inviting for all those who walk in.

Be it Feng Shui or Vaastu, plants remain an integral part in making your workplace better with energy flow. They also absorb the sounds and help reduce noise levels in the workplace. A blooming flower always inspires us and thereby boosts our creative drive in our work.

Just give it a thought, would you walk into an office that is all machinery, equipment, and gadgets or one with flowers plants and smiles all around. Now the decision is yours to bring in a slice of nature into your workplace