Black Tulip Group established Sunfloritech Ltd. – Bluesky farm in 50 HA in Naivasha, Kenya at an altitude of about 2000 m above the sea level. The farm has an added advantage of being located close to the fresh water lake Naivasha, which is a best environment for the growth of flowers and especially foliage. With our staff strength of around 600 employees, we grow 8 to 10 crops round the year. The crops include Gysophila, summer flowers and outdoor foliage. Our farm is one of the largest producers of Gysophila in Kenya.

At Sunfloritech, the welfare of the employees and the surroundings is valued more than anything. The farm provides a safe and healthy working environment, free food & transport. At our farm we continuously advocate for soil improvement and nurture it with foliar nutrition to fight disease and pest.

What We Are Growing

As one of the largest Gysophila farms in Kenya, we grow the varieties of Gypsophila namely Xlence, White Wish, Grantastic, and Zinzi in an area of 40 ha. We also customise our gypsophila as per the requirement of our clients.
Ruscus, Leather Leaves, Eucalyptus, Asparagus Miroclaudius, and Virgatus are grown in our farms. We constantly thrive to add new varieties of fillers to our portfolio and some of the new varieties added are Lepidium and Limonium.
The farm has a certification from the following:
  • Global G.A.P for good agricultural practices
  • KFC Silver
  • Sedex

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