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The most popular and one of the largest producers of premium spray roses in Kenya– the Golden Tulip Farms is a part of Black Tulip Group. The farm is located at a high altitude of around 2350 m above the sea level in OlKalou which is ideal for the production of roses. The altitude of the farm is an added advantage which helps for the growth of heavy, long thick stems in the premium quality spray roses.

Golden Tulip Farms, with its staff strength of almost 430 employees grows 32 varieties of premium spray roses in 15 hectares. The farm is an exclusive one for premium spray roses. The specialty of the spray roses in Golden Tulip Farm is the heavy stems which easily can make a good large bunch with minimal flowers. The size of the bud size is bigger than any other spray rose growers from Kenya. Any single stem can be seen with a minimum of 5 to 7 buds. The spray roses from the Golden Tulip Farm have long stem length, beautiful foliage and good vase life. These spray roses are incredibly popular with florists across the globe. Golden Tulip Flowers also partners with various breeders to test new varieties of roses.

We are in the process of introducing Hashtag variety of spray rose which has unique shape and texture.The portfolio of the farm is extended by adding one variety of Gypsophila. The farm has excellence under greenhouse cultivation to ensure best quality and consistency. Along with Middle East countries, Europe, Australia and Russia shares the major market for our premium quality spray roses.

Awards & Certifications
The farm has a certification from the following:
  • MPS ABC and
  • KFC Silver

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