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Black Tulip Flowers wins Silver Client Award from MOCCAE

Black Tulip Flowers: Innovating Towards a Greener Future and Celebrating Prestigious Silver Client Award for 2022 from MOCCAE In today's competitive business world, getting recognized for our achievements and hard work is always gratifying. When a renowned organization recognizes us, it not only validates our efforts but also strengthens our conviction to excel further. Black Tulip

From a Small Shop to a Major Cut Flower Producer

From a small retail shop in Sharjah to being one of the largest producers and exporters of fresh-cut flowers, Black Tulip Flowers has come a long way. BTF has its operations in the UAE, Kuwait, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and India. BTF is on its way to becoming a global leader in the floriculture industry

A visit to Kenya’s Premium Spray Rose Grower

Black Tulip Flowers, the best shop for online rose delivery in Dubai, gets its supply of quality spray roses for its spray rose bouquets from Golden Tulip Farm. Golden Tulip Farm, a part of Black Tulip Flowers, is a spray rose grower in Kenya. The farm is located at Ol Kalou, a place ideal to

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