Eco Rose Limited, a 24 ha farm located at Salgaa, Nakuru at an altitude of 1850m above the sea level. This Black Tulip Group owned farm, produces and exports Rose and Hypericum to the global market. The farm location in Nakuru which is in the Rift Valley is an added advantage for the growth of premium flowers. The farm, since its inception has given great emphasis on efficient crop management systems and high-quality control processes to produce superior quality flowers for their client. Eco Rose has 415 employees and are committed to the well-being of the workforce by giving support in education and offer economic incentive programs to improve their livelihood.
As the name says Eco Farms, we are committed to safeguarding our environment and maintain sustainability. The major market for flowers is the Netherland and other European countries.

What We Are Growing

Currently the farm is producing over 25 different varieties of intermediate roses and 7 varieties of T-Hybrid Roses in 21 HA for the international market. Intermediate roses are smaller than T-Hybrid Roses and more suitable for supermarket arrangements. Rhodus, Harmony, Atomic are part of our wonderful T-Hybrid Rose.

We have a vast collection of intermediates and big intermediate roses which includes Madam Red, Akito, Jessica, Red Torch, Rosita Bella Rose, Movie Star, Deep Purple, and other unique and beautiful varieties.
We grow red, white and pink hypericum in 3 Ha farms and is grown specifically to be used for our inhouse bouquet arrangements for export.
The farm has a certification from the following:
  • KFC Silver and
  • Fairtrade

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