Black Tulip Group acquired Batian Flowers Ltd and its marketing arm Upendo Flowers in the year 2019.

Batian Flowers Limited is a 35 Ha farm located on the slopes of Mount Kenya in Timau region of Kenya sitting at an Altitude of 2450 m above sea level.

Batian farm has been one of the first farms established on the Kenyan Highlands and has been in existence for more than 20 years. The farm has around 600 employees.

Batian farm has specialized in growing World-class Alstroemerias, Spray Alstroemerias (Florincas) Spray Carnations, and Spray roses.  The flowers from Batian are used in the Black Tulips groups bouquet assortment and the flowers are extensively sold all over Europe in both wholesale and retail segments. In addition the Middle East, the Far East, and Russia also consume a substantial amount of our products. For More Info, Visit –

What We Are Growing

We grow 52 varieties of Alstroemeria in 20 ha. Annually, we produce around 20 million stems. We have a large assortment of Alstroemeria in astonishing colours and big blooms which range from 5-7 blooms per stem and weigh up to 80-90gms per stem. Our portfolio includes some of the most popular verities. In white we have Siberia and Aramintha. Siberia is an extraordinarily beautiful large-headed white alstroemeria with excellent vase life of more than two weeks. Aramintha is pure white alstroemeria with a hint of green on the petals, which makes this alstroemeria unique. In Light Pink Alstroemeria Kristel stands out with its huge flowers and soft baby pink colours. Everyone loves Alstroemeria Bali, it has yellow /peach flower with red splashes in centre which adds lots of drama to it. with their spectacular large, brightly streaked flowers.
Florincas are a spray version of Alstroemeria with more than 7 blooms in a stem. It has an amazing vase life of up to three to four weeks. We have 5 varieties of white and pink florincas with lengths up to one meter. Paradiso, White pearls are most amazing white Florinca varieties. Charmelia stunning Pink is one of its kind with beautiful big flower spiral.
We also grow around 9 varieties of spray roses in 5 ha greenhouses. The advantage of being at a higher altitude is our spray rose has a bigger bud size, 5 to 8 bloom per stem, stronger and longer stems, and good vase life. Some of our most fabulous spray rose are Royal Porcelain a cream-white premium Spray Rose with tinge of pink a truly special spray rose. Sweetsara stunningly soft, perfect peach spray rose, our pretty pink spray rose consist of Brittny and Nathalie. And truly glorious off-white spray rose snowflake.
Batian flowers have 10 ha of Spray carnations area with around 20 bright and vibrant varieties grown exclusively for European markets.
The farm has a certification from the following:
  • KFC Silver
  • Fairtrade
  • MPS ABC (in progress)

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