We lay the foundation for product excellence and sow the seeds of success.

At present, Black Tulips Flower Group owns and operates 24 independent companies strategically located in UAE, Holland, Kenya, Qatar, Malaysia and India, with centralized headquarters in the UAE. With a human resource strength of over 300 dedicated employees throughout the Emirates, we are the largest employment provider within the floral industry in the region.

Our corporate direction and strategic outlook are largely driven by the following:

  • Redefining and enriching the collective experience of our clients by achieving higher standards in quality and customer care.
  • Creating value for all the stakeholders, directly or indirectly linked to our company, while maintaining good corporate governance and being socially responsible.
  • Challenging existing paradigms and achieving consistent growth with applied innovation and skilled execution.
  • Investing in niche market opportunities with open-mindedness yet hard-headed practicality.
  • Harnessing the potential of rapidly developing markets and working towards improving qualitative and quantitative returns for all our stakeholders.