Displayed at our showrooms to make a statement & stylized with a touch of fantasy, each flower or plant resonate the pride of its Black Tulip origin. Our flower arrangements are treasured buds of engineered brilliance & heightened elegance, setting the tone to celebrate precious moments and make every occasion a memorable one.

Whether a flower requirement warrants a class of sophistication, lingers on the edge of flamboyance, demands accents of surreal, or is meant to convey an eternal appeal, at Black Tulip our customers find just the right flower variety to suit every mood.

At Black Tulip, our promise to our customers is consistently high quality, product freshness and made-to-order perfection. Our farms in Kenya are earnestly cultivated and nurtured by our professionally trained staff to deliver the best and most premium range of cut-flowers, cut foliage and fresh plants available in the market today.

We are well placed to offer high grade flower quality to our customers because we personally maintain control all across the vertical production chain of the flowers and plants we trade in. The widest variety of plants are grown with care on our state of the art farms, and logistics are keenly managed to ensure our customers and their loved ones have access to the freshest, most hydrated flowers possible.