At Black Tulip, our ultimate goal is to keep our customers in sight. To us, each customer is as unique and distinguished as every flower that we grow on our vast, fertile farms in Kenya. We realize that just like flowers, our customers must be given close attention to detail and treated with the utmost care so they and their loved ones are completely happy and fully satisfied with every purchase they make, from flowers, plants, accessories to any of the broader range of services offered by Black Tulip Flowers.

It is precisely this dedication to quality and personalized client service at the most competitive price, that has led Black Tulip flowers to blossom as one of the largest independent flora companies operating in the Middle East today, with business channels spread across globally. We are very proud to have developed a strong and loyal B2B and B2C customer base which recognizes the unique value Black Tulip offers above and beyond other similar floral companies and concepts in the region.

As a socially responsible and community driven organization, we not only invest in our customers’ wellbeing, but also the welfare of our staff and team members who work with us as one big family to produce and deliver the best.

We sincerely hope you get to experience our services and products so that you too can join thousands of happy clients we have had the privilege to serve over the years.

We look forward to your patronage as we continue the Black Tulip journey.

All good wishes,